Newton Village Academy understands and values the importance of teaching Computing from a young age.  We aim to give our children the life skills necessary to embrace and utilise technology in a safe and responsible manner.


Children will become independent users of a range of technologies and become digitally literate.  We will provide opportunities to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills as well as creativity and resilience.  We aim to instil a love of computing in our children to encourage further study of this subject and create digital citizens within their local and global community.

It is our aim for children to master the three core areas of Computing (Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy) to such an extent that children are able to pursue careers within Computing and make effective use of technology in their everyday lives.


Computing is taught through our scheme of work which has been adapted using Kapow and Purple Mash lesson plans and resources. The key areas enable pupils to study in-depth key computational understanding, digital skills and vocabulary. Each key area aims to activate and build upon prior learning, including EYFS, to encourage improved cognition and retention. Each unit is carefully sequenced to enable pupils to purposefully layer learning and facilitate the acquisition and retention of key knowledge. Individual lessons build on knowledge that has previously been taught. Outcomes are revisited regularly as part of a spaced retrieval practice method to ensure pupils retain key knowledge and information.


All children have access to laptops, which are used not only in Computing lessons, but across the curriculum on a daily basis to support and enhance teaching and learning.

We make effective use of a wide variety of software and subscribe to many websites to encourage reinforcement and practise of skills.

As a result, our children love learning using technology!